Server Virtualisation technologies continue to provide Sydney business with increased business value, as well as decreased day-to-day IT expenses across the organisation. Microsoft Hyper-V is one of the most common server visualisation technologies.

Microsoft Hyper-V comes native to Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and above. With Hyper-V, businesses can invest in one server solution and run multiple server technologies in a virtualized environment. There’s no need to purchase additional server hardware when you move to a virtualized environment.

Is Microsoft Hyper-V right for your business network?

This is where STS can help your business. We have worked with Microsoft Hyper-V and its predecessor Microsoft Virtual Server for a number of years.
STS’ team of IT professionals continue to work with Microsoft, investing in the training required to deliver Hyper-V services to our clients and businesses across Sydney.
As a Dell partner, STS can help you with procuring the right server hardware to support your virtual server environments. This ensures that your virtual environments are available to your staff. In addition, your staff never knows the difference once they’re running on a virtual server environment.

Are you considering making the move to Microsoft Hyper-V?

STS can make sure your Hyper-V rollout goes without any complications. STS can provide the support you need in the future as well.