Do you know that the most awaited iPhone 5 was launched last week in the United States? I am sure many of you didn’t even hear about it, which is quite unusual for the iPhone 5. Previous versions of the iPhone had grand launchings and generated a huge buzz everywhere in the world as people were surprised with iPhone 3, 3Gs, 4 and 4s. But it was a different case for iPhone 5, which had a cold welcome.

The reason behind this is that Apple has become a victim of its own success. To be honest, there is nothing wrong with the iPhone 5. Whenever you talk about an iPhone launch, people expect some kind of surprise or wonder from the company. However, with iPhone 5, there were no surprises. The new iPhone included almost everything that was promised by Apple officials and bloggers who stole information from insiders. It has a bigger retina display, a faster processor, more features and still it is 20% lighter and thinner than the iPhone 4s. But still there is nothing new to wow the consumers. When you look at the phone, you might even confuse it with the iPhone 4s.

Despite that, the pre-order for iPhone 5 has crossed the one million mark within an hour of being made available. But critics are still saying that Apple has finally started to lose its charm and that without Steve Jobs, it won’t be as successful as it has been. The critics do have some points in their argument. If you look at the iPhone 3 and iPhone 4, you will see that the difference of “wowness” between the two was drastic while we do not see that many differences between iPhone 5 and its predecessor. So, it was quite a letdown for many consumers. But the iPhone 5 is still a pretty good mobile phone, delivering the quality of performance that Apple enthusiasts know and love.