Apple Mac SupportDo you how influential and powerful Apple has become?

The company has a huge market share in all parts of the world and keeps on growing at a rapid pace even after the sad demise of the legendary Steve Jobs. A recent study by Forrester Research has revealed that the supremacy of Apple is really strong. One out of five people uses at least a single product from Apple while at work, according to Forrester.

The findings of Forrester Research pointed out some really interesting facts in the report. The study was conducted of 10,000 employees with IT related backgrounds in North America and Western Europe. Their report entitled “Apple Infiltrates the Enterprise and Reshapes the Markets for Personal Devices at Work” is indeed an eye-opener for everyone. According to the report, 21 percent use one or more Apple devices in the office. This relates to the fact that nearly half of businesses (46%) issue Apple devices i.e. Mac, iPad or iPhones to their employees.

The trend is expected to rise even higher. A majority of researches has predicted that the adoption of Apple products will soar up to 52% within one year.  According to another study of the Forrester report from the beginning of October 2012, the sales of Mac and iPads in 2012 were, respectively, $9 billion and $10 billion, and it will grow to $12 billion for Mac and $16 billion for iPads in 2013. However, with new products in the pipeline, profits for Apple are sure to increase by a great extent.

Although this is great news for Apple, Microsoft will certainly not enjoy this. This is indeed a great threat to Microsoft which is running the risk of losing its market dominance. Hence, they are planning to compete with Apple with their Windows 8 operating system along with Windows Phone. However, it is too early to say about the future of these two giants, which will collide head to head with each other in the near future.

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