Your IT guy or gal is likely overworked, under tremendous stress, and pulled in multiple directions day to day and hour to hour. The typical IT shop is expected to be a one-size-fits-all collection of experts.

Those IT staff members are responsible for making sure that dozens, hundreds or even thousands of devices are kept functioning, and that servers remain functional and operational more than 99 percent of the time. The IT shop needs to be aware of countless customized software products, installed systems, hardware and mobile devices by multiple vendors.

IT Guy

When something goes wrong, whether it’s a desktop computer that caught a virus, a spreadsheet that isn’t working properly, or wanting to figure out how to get the latest version of Angry Birds on a smartphone, the IT guy is very likely to get a call.

No wonder he’s so stressed.

Outsourcing as an IT solution

There is no doubt that most IT departments today could use a hand, but for many companies there is not always the budget to support additional full or part-time staff employees. Fortunately, advances in technology allow for more flexibility via outsourcing. Outsourced IT helps to do far more than alleviate heavy workloads. Here are some of the most persuasive reasons that outsourced IT makes sense:

  • Lower labor costs. With outsourcing, you can be confident that staff members are trained and working every day with clients like you, and solving problems like yours with the expertise in specific areas that you need.
  • Experience, qualification and certification. With outsourced IT, the vendor ensures that its employees have the proper training, up-to-date certifications and are qualified to work on the issues you need to address.
  • Controlled IT costs. With contracted IT outsourced, your operating costs are known and locked in, eliminating a key area of uncertainty and potential unanticipated expenses.
  • New knowledge. Outsourced IT firms stay up to date on the latest technologies, programs and solutions, eliminating the need for you to provide that training to internal IT staff.
  • With outsourced IT, you have at your fingertips the latest knowledge and expertise to solve issues quickly, ensuring that systems remain online and functional.
  • Lower risk, better compliance. Outsourcing allows companies to reduce the risk associated with internal IT staffers who may not be trained, skilled or experienced enough to solve what’s needed. For IT areas, where there are compliance requirements, using a certified outsource IT firm gives you additional peace of mind and confidence.
  • Focus on the core. Perhaps most importantly, outsourced IT gives you a great deal of extra time to focus on the core business needs and strategies for continued growth.

Your IT guy is likely stretched way too thin. Providing IT with valued and valuable partners helps improve overall functionality and leads to better business outcomes.

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