This past April, Earth Day came around and reminded us of the impact we have on our environment.  I believe that many of us are aware of the importance of recycling aluminum cans, plastic bottles and newspapers.  There is now enough research to back the claims that recycling cuts down on the amount of waste going into our landfills.

I just need to look at the end of my driveway each week to see evidence of the difference recycling makes. . We have significantly reduced the amount of household we trash we send to landfills while increasing the amount of paper, glass, aluminum and plastic we send to recycling centers.

But did you know that you could  also recycle all of your electronic equipment?  In municipalities around the country, groups and commercial organisations are working to recycle old televisions, computer monitors and other computer equipment.

But be careful.  Don’t recycle that old computer yet.  Read this short tutorial we put together first.  We invite you to call us to talk with our team about anything you need when it comes to getting rid of those aging systems.  Sometimes, we can even give them away to charity or donate them to organisations that need computers but can’t afford to buy new ones.

Let’s make sure we all do our part to keep the amount of trash our businesses dispose of to a minimum by recycling as much of our old technology as we can (this includes old cell phones) in addition to newspapers, aluminum cans and plastic water bottles.