The issue of safety among Internet users has always been a great concern. Ever since people started keeping their private and confidential information in servers, they have faced constant problems with data loss, corruption and above all data theft or hacking. Now that technology has moved to a new dimension and everyone is keeping their data stored in cloud servers, personal data safety and enterprise security have become a massive issue for both the service providers and the users.

You might have already heard that millions of email passwords were stolen from Google in June 2011, and they had a very difficult time recovering. Without a doubt, Google was one of the most secure companies in the world, and it came as a big surprise that Google, too, had become a victim of this. This is why most people are reluctant to switch to cloud servers. Although, there is pressure on enterprises both small and large to adopt cloud computing, some business leaders still don’t trust it.

Enterprise security has been under attack from more than 6,000 hacker groups such as Lulz Security, Green Army Corp, Night Dragon, Anonymous, Zeus and so on, which have already made their marks. Usually, they hack into a server to steal vital information for financial benefit or to expose personal information for revenge. Regardless of their reasons, they cause a huge amount of damage to people and enterprises.

Hackers also take advantage of poor security systems, simple coding and lack of security measures. If you use smartphones or other mobile devices for business, your system is vulnerable to attack. Hackers can use apps to gain access to your device or company network and steal personal or vital company information. Take time to review your system. It may not be as safe as you think it is.

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