Hidden Costs of ITIf your business is like most, you will be purchasing new IT equipment this year. However, have you considered the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for this equipment?  Once you factor this in, you’ll be shocked to see how expensive it is to own. Smart business owners and CIOs are realizing that here are hidden costs of ownership that make cloud computing a more attractive option.

TCO is the total cost of using and maintaining an IT asset over its lifetime.  This includes direct costs (hardware, software, operations and administration) and indirect costs (end-user operations and downtime). The direct cost price for an IT asset typically represents less than 20 percent, with indirect costs representing 80 percent.

Many businesses neglect to consider the TCO for their IT investments.  Because of this, they suffer from hidden costs that negatively affect their bottom line.  These hidden costs can be avoided by implementing a cloud strategy like Hardware as a Service (HaaS), and data-storage services from Sydney Technology Solutions.

As a business owner in Sydney , you should consider the financial benefits of adopting cloud computing.  In addition to enhanced security, performance, and accessibility of data, you’ll see that it will save you money.  Plus, using the cloud over internal hardware provides the benefit of greater visibility of the cost.

To analyze the hidden costs of owning IT equipment, you must take a hard look at the numbers. You need to establish a baseline for your current IT costs and a formula to measure the financial benefits of cloud computing.

Our financial experts can show you the positive impact cloud computing will have on bottom line.  We guarantee that once you realize the hidden costs of IT, you’ll jump onto the cloud with both feet!  

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