Your corporate website not working the way it’s supposed to? Not getting the right type of leads you hoped for? Don’t worry we have put together a list of 5 key points.  Do these and you are sure to get it right!

  1. Know Your Visitors: This is the best way to keep your visitors interested. Focus on creating specific content for consumers in the different stages of buying cycles (make it early as possible, though. People are looking for info online these days before buying offline). Using user personas that allow you to target your marketing message to very specific audience types has been observed to be effective so far. Maybe you should try it too.
  2. Intuition is the name of the game: Unless you want to make your visitors feel like dumbos when they are navigating through your site (which, trust us, is the last thing they want), you should focus on making your site as intuitive as possible. That way, visitors will be able to go through your site comfortably and find what they are looking for. The concept of creating distinct user personas comes in especially handy here. When you create content and an experience personalized for each persona type, you give visitors what they are looking for immediately. Simple navigations and providing clear calls to action are great ways to make it more comfortable for visitors. And remember, you should never choose flashiness over usability.
  3. Invest in Portability: Everyone is on the go these days and they want info on the go too. A report from the Pew Research Center agrees; it says nearly half of adults get their doses of local news and info from mobile devices. So what are you waiting for? Make your website as lightweight as possible, put some effort into making your presence felt in social media; make your website accessible to users on the go!
  4. Make your website interactive: Add some life to your website by giving your users something to interact with. Have your latest blog posts listed on your website’s home page, use the Twitter widget to let your users see your interactions there, provide a link to your company Facebook page; there is so much you can do!
  5. Look trustworthy: Come on! No one likes to deal with a company that doesn’t look trustworthy. That’s why we’ve been talking about social elements all along. When users see that you’ve put time and effort into developing an active online presence on social media, they feel that you are a company that can be easily reached and thus, trusted. Your About Page, your real physical address and real photos of your establishment, yourself and your employees are cues people look for when judging you. Also focus on creating grammatical-and-spelling-error-free content and updating your site often to let your visitors know that you can be trusted.

Now that you know what you have NOT been doing to make your website work, go ahead and do it!

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