Like other popular sites, WordPress is a favorite target of hackers. In WordPress’ case, hackers can exploit a number of intricate codes and new tools. So, you must be careful if you have a site on WordPress. Here are some tips and tricks to help you keep your website safe.

The first strategy to keep your site safe is to regularly monitor it for any unusual incidents or files such as “bootstrap.php” and so on. Whenever you find such files, take them seriously and implement security measures. Although not all those types of files will be malicious, it is better to be safe than sorry. Just conduct a system scan with a simple terminal command. If you find any malicious files, delete them immediately. You will also need to identify the source through which your site was attacked. If you know the process, simply terminate the live FTP connection from the administrative control panel of your hosting company. It is also a good idea to switch to SFTP instead of FTP as it is more secure. Changing the port 22, which runs the SSH, is also a great idea.

Check all installations and plugins and update them to the latest versions or conduct a complete installation or update. Try to get rid of all obsolete plugins and/or any that you hardly use. Change all of your passwords. If you have a common login name such as Admin, please try to change that as well. If you are good at coding, you can change the salt and hash codes and make your site more secure to dictionary attacks. In addition to that, you should install and run some plugins such as AntiVirus, WP Security Scan and Secure WordPress. These will clean and eliminate all those threats and viruses that might have been in your site.

Nothing will make your site 100% safe from hackers; they get more sophisticated every day. But anything you can do to minimize risk is well worth the effort.

Do you have questions about the security of your website?  Give us a call and our team of IT security experts can have a look at your website and make sure everything is protected.