It might be really confusing for many to make a comparison between the two most popular smart devices on the market, the Kindle Fire HD and the iPad. If you are looking for a sleek device that you can use to read e-books and have some fun time, either one will do. In this article, we will be telling you what you should consider when you try to decide which one to buy.

First of all, think about the price, which is indeed a big factor. In this area, Kindle Fire HD is far ahead of iPad. If you are a student or on a budget, this could be the deciding factor.

The iPad has a larger screen with retina display and higher resolution. Kindle Fire HD, which has an 8.9 screen, loses to the iPad there.  Kindle gets an upper hand on the iPad since it has port compatibility with your desktop. With a Kindle, can load music and other files from your Kindle Fire HD to your desktop.

If you consider processor speed, capacity, sound quality and battery life, iPad is without a doubt far ahead of Kindle.

These are only a few of the criteria that we can use as benchmarks. There are also some other areas where you will see no difference between the two devices such as security, software support and Wi-Fi.

In the end, it is up you to decide which one will suit you best. If you are a student, love to read e-books, or want to save some money, go for the Kindle Fire HD. If you are a perfectionist and can afford to splurge a little, then an iPad could be the way to go.