Now there is a good news for everyone with a mobile phone. There is a new device on the market that can charge mobile phones while people are moving around, either walking or running. It is definitely a great idea as people won’t need to look for a socket when they are traveling or take time off from camping outside of the city and beyond the grid. The device has made a process to transfer our energy to the mobile phones, and it is named nPower PEG or personal energy generator

The device works on a simple rule, converting kinetic energy into electric energy. The device has a weight, springs and inductive coil. When you move, the weight moves along with your movement and creates a charge that is collected by the coil. This energy is then used to charge up your mobile phone or any other portable device.  The device is light and small enough to fit in your jacket. So, the next time you are gone for a long vacation outside the city, you will never run out of juice for your smartphone, iPad or iPod nano.

These are the good sides of nPower PEG. However, it also has some downside as well.

First of all, the price; the device costs around $200. Hence, it is quite expensive for a charger. Secondly, it is not that easy to use. To juice up your mobile, you will need to work out really hard. You will need to walk for at least half an hour to get one minute of talk time on your smartphone. It depends on what type of device you are using. For example, if you have an iPod nano, it will take you 5 minutes of walking to listen to a standard length song.  Although this is a great device, mature people or people with disability issues won’t have that much use for it.

Even after that, this is a great device that can keep you safe when you find that your mobile phone is in need of a charge.