Sydney Technology Solutions Has Been Lyons Advantage’s Trusted IT Partner From The Very Beginning

Lyons Advantage is a project management and quantity surveying firm. They provide a range of construction and surveying services, from rail project management to cost management and more.

Over five years ago, when Lyons Advantage’s founder Terry Lyons struck out on his own, he knew he needed a reliable and committed partner to handle his new company’s IT — that’s why he partnered with Sydney Technology Solutions.

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Lyons Advantage Knew Sydney Technology Solutions Was The Right IT Partner

Terry had worked with the Sydney Technology Solutions team for years before starting Lyons Advantage. When he did eventually leave his job and open his new business, he knew Sydney Technology Solutions would be able to handle each and every IT challenge he would encounter.

His previous experience with Sydney Technology Solutions showed Terry that they could deliver everything his business would need. They would help him select, deploy and maintain the critical technologies his new company would rely on in its first few years as a business, and well into the future.

Terry put his trust in Sydney Technology Solutions, and we have not let him down in the five-plus years since.

Lyons Advantage & Sydney Technology Solutions Have Developed A Close And Effective Business Relationship

“The focus on relationships that Adam and his team have gives a great deal of confidence and separates STS from other providers who, while competent, may not get to the real issue,” says Terry.

This is a core quality of Sydney Technology Solutions’ services. We understand that no two clients of ours are exactly alike. If we’re going to deliver IT support and services effectively, we need to take the time to understand how the business operates, what their staff’s priorities are, and more.

“STS spend the time to understand your business and the outcomes you’re after to better serve their clients,” says Terry. “They are then backed up by incredible technical knowledge.”

The combination of in-depth knowledge of the client’s IT-based needs, along with extensive experience and skills with the latest business technologies, allows Sydney Technology Solutions to deliver optimal support to clients like Lyons Advantage. The end result is a highly reliable IT environment, which the Lyons Advantage staff can rely on to stay productive in their work, day in and day out.

“Our systems are monitored by STS software and are available at all times for any issue,” says Terry. “We have a great deal of confidence that our systems are running optimally at all times.”

Sydney Technology Solutions Is Lyons Advantage’s Partner In All Things IT

The Sydney Technology Solutions team isn’t only responsible for keeping Lyons Advantage’s systems running. We also provide expert insight to assist with Terry’s decision-making processes for the business as well. Any time he needs to consider a change in his IT, or the potential of an investment in new business technology, he knows he can consult with Adam.

“Adam has always been ready to help and offer advice,” says Terry. “We chose software for our operational needs based on his advice which involved significant research without any payment or reward for the service.”

What Terry and the Lyons Advantage team have with Sydney Technology Solutions today is exactly what he was looking for a decade ago when the company was first launched. A long-term, invested and reliable IT partner.

“The approach STS takes and their knowledge is first-rate,” says Terry. “We are thrilled to partner with them and hope it continues well into the future.”