According to a recent survey, the majority of Apple users still continue to use Snow Leopard as their favorite operating system. This is an interesting finding since the OS X Mountain Lion has been around for a while, which has new features and functions. Even after that, the old OS X Snow Leopard which was released in 2009 still remains a dominant one. This is like the XP of Windows which still refuses to fade away. With its strong popularity, it is a clear sign that OS X Snow Leopard will become a classic like Windows XP.

The study showed that 25% of Apple PCs are now running on OS X Mountain Lion. The remaining PCs are now being operated by either Snow Leopard or Lion. Although the previous versions of OS X, Snow Leopard and Lion had a fall in terms of users due to the invasion of Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard had the least impact. Above that, it still remains as a popular option for many Apple users. Although Snow Leopard people are more comfortable with the Snow Leopard than the new versions.

Although Snow Leopard lost more than half of its share for the new operating systems, it has now become a resistant segment that refuses to go down anymore. In fact this customer base is so strong that Apple has started to give some attention to this 3 year old operating system. They extended security support for Snow Leopard and issued a patch update as well. This was a well deserved reward for loyal Snow Leopard users who never lost their faith in it.

There are many reasons behind such popularity for Snow Leopard. It is more stable and reliable than other operating systems and has sentimental connection with users. This is why most Snow Leopard users will say that they would stick to it and won’t switch to anything else. A response that is almost identical to loyal XP users.

However, it won’t be quite wise to compare between the 11 year old XP and only 3 year old Snow Leopard. Both of them have different features, pros as well cons. Even after that, many people would say that the Snow Leopard is the XP of Apple.

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