The newest version of the Mac OS X, known as Mountain Lion, was released in July 2012, but has not been favorably received. Many reviews from thousands of Mac OS X users have revealed significant complaints about the latest upgrade cutting battery life by up to more than 50%.

Apple online support forums have had disgruntled clients posting their gripes, concerns and dissatisfactions in abundance, since uploads of the upgrade were made available on the 25 July. The biggest complaint was that the battery life was massively compromised and that the battery life of computers was being drained significantly, even when the computer was not being used.

‘’After recently upgrading to OS X Mountain Lion, the battery life of my computer is definitely less than it was before I upgraded. I am confused; shouldn’t the new OS X make the battery life better? How can I fix this now?’’ A post by a disgruntled MacBook owner with the user name ‘’jeremeymb5’.’

The forums on Apple at a glance, tell a significant story, with the majority of the complaints affecting a weighty number of Mac users that have already upgraded to the new version of OS X Mountain Lion.

More than 39 pages, with a massive amount of replies has been viewed almost 40,000 times. The forum is virtually on fire, and yet despite the large scale uproar, there has been no come back, no feedback, no solution and no acknowledgement that the problem exists, and Mac hardware owners are still sitting with the problems.

A post earlier in the week by Mac user with forum handle ‘’grahamd88’’ said: ‘’I upgraded to Mountain Lion almost 2 weeks ago, and have had exactly the same problem ever since. I own a MacBook Pro 15 inch and before, when I used Lion, I have more or less 7 hours of battery life, now, after upgrading to OS X Mountain Lion, I don’t get more than 4 and half hours, which is just about half the time I used to get. Another thing I have noticed is that my Mac is showing signs of overheating, and this is most evident when I am logged in with Google Chrome.’’

‘’grahamd88’’ went on to say ‘’I was about to purchase a new Retina MacBook Pro, as I have always been really happy with my Mac products, but now I am having second thoughts about spending so much money on another Mac product. Until Apple fixes these problems, they have lost a happy MacBook client.’’

Upon a request for Apple to comment about the issues at hand, or confirm that they had acknowledged that there were problems and they were working on it, no statement from apple has been forthcoming, as of yet.