Why Managed IT Services Are Essential For Sydney Accounting Firms

According to a recent report by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC), the financial services sector is the second-largest source of Australian data breaches. For Sydney accounting firms, even a relatively minor breach can be catastrophic. Here’s why managed IT services are not only beneficial for Sydney accounting companies but essential.

Security Is More Important Than Ever Before

With technology advancing at a breakneck speed, network security has never been more important. Your firm needs to be able to monitor the traffic coming in and out of your network so you can quickly take action in the event of suspicious activity.

STS offers robust security solutions for accounting firms, including asset and password management, consistent scanning for vulnerability, timely installation of updates, and top-tier protection from viruses, malware, and ransomware.

Maintaining Efficiency and Productivity Is Key

The time your employees spend dealing with IT issues is less time they spend working to grow your firm. Ensuring that your staff is able to maintain productivity and efficiency for sustained periods of time is critical to protecting your bottom line.

For example, if 10 accountants at your firm each lose 15 minutes per day dealing with unnecessary IT problems, that time begins to add up quickly. In a week, your firm will have lost 12.5 hours of productivity. In a month, this figure soars to 50 hours, and in a year to 600 hours, or nearly 79 working days.

PayScale suggests the average salary for an accountant is AU$58,467 or roughly AU$233 per working day. This means that even just a small amount of wasted time each day can cost your company much more than you think; in the above scenario, 15 minutes of lost time per day across 10 employees would cost a Sydney accounting firm AU$18,407 per year.

Good Mobile Device Management is Necessary

Globally, the use of mobile devices for work is on the rise. However, the more mobile devices that are accessing your accounting firm’s network, the higher the risk is to your overall data security. Excellent security is necessary for financial institutions due to the sensitive nature of the information that travels across their networks, especially where mobile devices are used.

Not all managed IT services providers offer mobile device management, and if you’re a large firm, it may be even more difficult. STS offers robust mobile device management options that can be rolled into your on-site security options for end-to-end coverage.

Affordability and Predictability Are Critical

As the financial landscape of the world changes, the affordability of service providers for every institution is under tough scrutiny. Expenses are getting cut back by higher-ups and many companies are stripping away everything but the bare bones for continued operation. Overall spend for companies in every sector is being watched carefully for opportunities to save. In such a climate, it’s important that chosen service providers are cost-effective and provide predictable results.

At STS, we offer a variety of bundle-able managed IT services at a single monthly rate. You can choose the services that fit your institution’s needs best, so you’re only paying for what your company is actually using.

Contact STS for Reliable, Cost-Effective Managed IT Services

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