Windows Keyboard Shortcuts: Managing Window Snapping

Window snapping allows you to move a window to a specific point on your screen without having to go to the trouble of specifically resizing the individual window. With window snapping, you can see multiple windows on your monitor at the same time, which can make it easier for you to compare information from window to the next.

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How To Do It

Select the window that you want to move, then click the windows key + the left or right arrow key. This will move the specified window to either the left or right of the screen: wherever you want to position it. If you want to put another window on the other side of the screen, select it and then press the windows key + either the left or right arrow key, in the opposite direction. You can also use this method to keep even more windows in view if you use multiple monitors to accomplish your job tasks.

How Can Window Snapping Help?

Window snapping can offer a number of advantages to your daily workflow. It makes it simple to multitask, since you can keep all of the information you need at any given time up on your screen. With two separate windows open, you can easily compare data from one screen to the next–for example, comparing the information in two Excel spreadsheets–or copy information from one window to another without having to constantly click back and forth. Many people find that window snapping helps them improve overall productivity and keep up with the tasks on their plates each day.

Window snapping is just one of the strategies that can help make it easier for you to accomplish your daily work processes and be more productive. Contact us for more information about how you can do more with everyday tasks, including keyboard shortcuts that can help make your life–and your work–easier than ever.