Why Should My Sydney Business Use Microsoft 365?

In the world of business, one wrong decision can mean the difference between being #1 and scrounging for scraps at the bottom. This includes choosing the right tools to work with. If you want your business to be ahead of the competition, you need to find the right set of tools that will put your employees in a position to succeed. You can do just that with Microsoft 365.

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What is Microsoft 365?

In a world where there’s a tool or application for just about any task you have, it’s not smart to just pick the first thing that comes out from a Google search. Imagine getting one application for communication, then another for content creation, then maybe another one for security. Not only will this become a compatibility nightmare, but your IT budget might also take a big hit.

So instead of getting separate tools or apps for different purposes, why not just get a single subscription that will provide you with the majority if not all of the apps you might need for your operations. One ecosystem with compatible apps and tools that your team can easily use anytime and anywhere with enterprise-level security for all your sensitive data.

That’s what Microsoft 365 is.

In a nutshell, Microsoft 365 is the marriage of the popular Office applications (like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint) and other Microsoft Tools into one suite. Microsoft 365 is a cloud service which means you don’t need to download or install native apps on your PC, laptop, or smartphone – everything is available online.

But how good is Microsoft 365? Well, statistics show that over 60,000 businesses in Australia use Microsoft 365. They are part of more than a million different businesses worldwide that rely on Microsoft 365 for the office operations.

But why are all these people using Microsoft 365 over the competition? Let’s talk about al the reasons why.

Why Should Your Business Use Microsoft 365?

Work anywhere, anytime

Microsoft 365 is a cloud service. This means the apps and data exist online for members of your organization to access. While some of the tools and apps can be installed on your phone or computer, you can still easily access and use them using a browser.

This allows your team members to be able to work anywhere at any time as long as they have an Internet connection. With a lot of companies gearing towards remote work due to the new normal, this gives companies the flexibility to allow employees to work at home but still be connected to the rest of the team through Microsoft 365.

Reduced Capital Spend

One of the biggest things preventing businesses from getting new tools is the large upfront cost required to adopt a new tool. This is thrown off the window with Microsoft 365. As mentioned above, Microsoft 365 is subscription-based which means you pay a monthly or yearly fee which is much cheaper than buying a whole software. It’s like you are leasing the tools instead of buying them. The capital expense now turns into operating expenses.

From a cash flow perspective, Microsoft 365 also allows businesses to control how much they are spending on their IT. You can easily remove or add licenses depending on the growth of your company. Predictable monthly IT spending puts your company in a position that will allow it to maneuver easily as needed.


Microsoft 365 has different tiers of service. Different tiers have an increasing number of tools available for the user. This means you can mix and match the subscription type to the employees you have. This means you can get a lower subscription for one department that uses only a few tools and get the high tier plans for the other department that needs more apps for operations. You won’t have to waste money on apps that your employees won’t even use. The beauty of it all? Switching tiers is easy and straightforward.

Easy Collaboration

One of the biggest highlights of Microsoft 365 is its features that allow unparalleled collaboration options for employees. When team members need to edit or contribute to a document (a document, spreadsheet, or even a presentation), they can work on one document instead of creating multiple copies. The system also creates versions so you can easily go back to a past version if needed.

Microsoft 365 also has team chat, shared calendars, and multi-party video conferencing so you can be sure team members are always on the same page.

Communicate Without Borders

Communication is key in any organization. This ensures that everybody is connected to the rest of the team and can freely transfer information as needed. Microsoft 365 has a lot of options for team communications. Skype for Business allows video conferencing and instant chat. There’s Microsoft Outlook to handle all your emails. There are also Microsoft Teams for a persistent chat and overall communication. Last, but not least, is Yammer. Yammer is the newest communication tool in Microsoft 365 and is a social platform for your organization. Yammer can serve as an informal communication platform for your organization.

Enterprise-Level Security

When you use Microsoft 365, you not only use the apps and tools developed by Microsoft but also the security features that they have. While there is a lot of misinformation out there about the security of the cloud, you can rest assured knowing Microsoft has you covered. Here are some of the security features in Microsoft 365:

  • Email encryption – All emails are encrypted to ensure only the receiver can read the email. This prevents other people from reading the email. This works no matter what email service the recipient is using.
  • Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) – ATA uses the power of machine learning and analytics to stop the threat of an attack as soon as it hits your network. ATA monitors, analyzes and identifies users and devices that are showing suspicious activity.
  • Data Loss Prevention – To prevent sensitive information from leaving your organization, Microsoft 365 monitors emails and blocks those that contain information such as credit card or social security numbers.
  • Mobile Device Management – More and more people are using their smartphones as their secondary or primary work devices. Microsoft 365 understands that and MDM is a feature that allows organizations to secure and manage Microsoft 365 applications on employee’s mobile devices. You can remotely wipe a mobile device in case it gets stolen or lost so your data won’t go into the wrong hands.

Microsoft 365 can be an exciting tool to use especially for an organization looking for a difference-maker. However, to maximize your usage of the suite, you need a good IT partner to assist you in setting it up. For businesses in Sydney, they can always trust the #1 Rated IT Support Company in Sydney – Sydney Technology Solutions. STS has been in the industry since 1999 and we boast a 99% client satisfaction rating. This is all thanks to our talented IT experts who specialize in crafting solutions for our clients. So if you require IT help or maybe thinking about getting Microsoft 365 for your organization, call us today. We’ll help you sort out your concerns and give you proven solutions.