Microsoft Azure Migrations and Implementations

Let Sydney Technology Solutions help you protect your data and keep it safe. Work with Sydney’s premier IT service provider for Microsoft Azure implementation and maintenance.  

If you have a small business with a team of 10 software developers or less, a Microsoft Azure implementation may be beyond the scope of your in-house IT team. Sydney Technology Solutions provides implementation and project services for small companies in Sydney just like yours.

What Can You Expect from an IT Managed Service Provider in Sydney?

Our Microsoft consultants lend their expertise on leading technologies that can bolster performance and capability within your IT infrastructure. Let us guide your small software development team through the intricacies of implementing and maintaining Microsoft Azure. We can also support your cloud-based system so that your developers can concentrate on day-to-day priorities.

Here are some of the services we provide for small to midsize software development companies in Sydney and beyond:

  • General architecture that accounts for security and cloud migration concerns
  • DevOps integration with cloud technologies.
  • Planning, implementing and managing cloud services
  • Microsoft Azure governance

What Microsoft Azure Services Does Sydney Technology Solutions Offer?

We have helped many organisations migrate their infrastructure workload to Microsoft Azure. We can guide you through the migration from on-premise data and systems to cloud-based platforms. Despite the original implementation cost, there’s generally an overall cost reduction and increased security for infrastructure built on the Azure platform.

You can rely on our Azure experts to assess your current system and come up with a road map to deploy and optimize an Azure-based environment. We have access to technologists with decades of experience to help you realize the full potential of your IT infrastructure.

What Azure Migration and Optimizations Services Should You Look For?

You can cut down on costs while improving the agility of your business by moving your on-premise servers to Microsoft Azure. Our cloud consultants identify the best approach to the migration based on your current architecture and future business needs.

Keep costs down by eliminating idle resources. Sydney Technology Solutions recommends an in-depth audit so that we can help you optimize the new system and leave unnecessary processes and procedures behind.

How Are Backup and Disaster Recovery Handled in Microsoft Azure?

To ensure business continuity, any Azure migration should consider disaster recovery and backups. Azure Site Recovery Enables replication, failover and recovery for applications in case of planned or unplanned downtime. Additionally, Azure Backup lets you smoothly restore your cloud data.

What Are the Advantages of Managed Services for Microsoft Azure?

When you choose our Azure Managed Services, you can also obtain predictable, fixed-cost IT management along with the following benefits:

  • Access to a pool of skilled support resources
  • Automated incident management
  • Proactive security strategy to protect your cloud-based data and applications
  • Understandable IT management reporting

How Does Azure Improve Access Management?

Our consultants can set up secure login procedures for all users on all apps. We can use complex passwords and multifactor passwords to verify user identity. This can prevent data breaches and other risks to your IT infrastructure.

Let Sydney Technology Solutions help you protect your data and keep it safe by implementing endpoint security protocols and training your staff regarding the risk of phishing and other malware attacks. Work with Sydney’s premier IT service provider for Microsoft Azureimplementation and maintenance.