Windows Phone Support AustraliaFirst Microsoft developed Windows 8, primarily, to be used with tablet PCs. Then came the announcement that two new tablet PCs were on the way. Now, it’s introducing new smart phone software so that someone who prefers Microsoft products can synchronize and integrate all of his devices with ease.

On June 20, 2012, Microsoft introduced the new Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system at a promotional event. The new system, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, the new software will be built on the same core as Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system for PCs and tablets.  As with the new operating system and tablets, the new phone software is expected to go to market in the fall of 2012.

When it goes to market, the operating system will be installed on Nokia, Samsung, HTC and Huawei devices on Qualcomm dual-core chips. The phones will contain a voice recognition program that will allow users to give commands to both apps and the phone’s operating system, which trumps Apple’s Siri. Users will also be able to make Skype calls and navigate via built-in maps.

Of course, phones carrying the Windows Phone 8 operating system will have those tell-tale rainbow colored tiles on the Metro style start screen.

The down side of this new operating system is that on Windows Phone 7.5 device users won’t be able to upgrade to Windows Phone 8 until some time around September 2012.

Those who love all things Microsoft have a lot to look forward to in 2012. By this time next year, it should become clear whether or not Microsoft’s new offerings have what it takes to go head to head with Apple’s.

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