How Sydney Law Firms Are Utilising Microsoft Flow

For any busy law firm, utilising all available tools to increase and streamline productivity is crucial. Newly developed cloud- and software-based innovations targeting the management of multiple business tasks have helped companies expand. For law firms, it is becoming more critical to implement cloud computing into daily processes and infrastructure. This software deployment helps legal teams better support clients while optimising daily operations. One of the most critical tools within the legal industry is Microsoft Flow.

What is Microsoft Flow?

Microsoft Flow is a cloud-based software that allows employees to easily create automated workflows that improve productivity through process automation. While most of the Flow-compatible applications are cloud-based, Flow can be used in on-premises environments. Microsoft Flow is bundled into many Office 365 licences but can also be purchased as a subscription. Since Flow is easy-to-use and all tasks can be executed through a browser, content owners and power users never need the input of software developers and IT professionals. When working with other automation tools within the Office 365 environment, Flow can create custom business apps that can be used in various functions of your law firm.

How the Legal Community Can Use Flow

Given the amount of sensitive data from its clients, the legal community remains hesitant to implement cloud-based software and services. However, as technology continues to improve and law firms are seeing the countless benefits in using automation software like Microsoft Flow, implementation is becoming a regular occurrence.

Law firms have been using Flow for the following features:

Document Storage

The safe storage and management of documents, files, and sensitive information are crucial within a law firm. With Flow’s link into the Office 365 system, your firm can store, access, and manage Excel spreadsheets, emails, files, Word documents, and other forms of data within the cloud system. You can also modify, share, and track documents throughout the firm and with clients.

Enhanced Functionality and Workflow

Since different team members have varying projects, roles, and responsibilities throughout the firm, it is essential to manage, share, and integrate workflows to ensure a seamless transfer of information. As part of the automation of Flow, your teams and individuals can collaborate on projects, share documents and data, and coordinate on legal matters within your current systems. With Flow’s integration into the Office 365 suite, Skype and Teams are a useful tool for web meetings between parties.

Improved Client Management

Client relationship management (CRM) is a critical aspect of all growing businesses, especially within the legal field. By having immediate access to the required information while tracking communications, you can easily meet the needs of your clients. Automation tasks created through Microsoft Flow can also help improve the speed of administrative tasks with clients providing a better experience.

Mobile Usage

Attorneys are constantly working outside the office, so having access to relevant information across multiple devices through cloud storage is critical. Since all tasks and information is stored on the cloud through Flow, your legal team will have the resources required when travelling to meet with clients and in court.

Microsoft Flow is an intuitive, easy-to-use, and especially useful programme for any law firm. With access to the entire Office 365 suite and cloud-based storage, you will have the capabilities and versatility required to support your legal team in the office or on-the-go. Microsoft is an established cloud service provider who places security at the highest priority so your law firm can rest assured that sensitive data is protected. Microsoft Flow is a game-changer in the legal world to help your team be more productive through automation and document storage while improving the overall client relationship!