Milestones in 2012 Microsoft Product RoadmapThe 2012 Microsoft Milestone is a very important thing for all those loyal users since they can get a glimpse of upcoming offerings from the company. The roadmap is also very important for the Microsoft partners as well since they are totally depended on the product delivery schedule of Microsoft. Usually, Microsoft launches more than hundreds of small and large products each year and it is very difficult to keep track of them in a single place. Microsoft itself doesn’t announce release dates of their products in advance as they do not want lose face in case they miss a product launch. Hence, a comprehensive 2012 Microsoft Product Roadmap is quite difficult to find. However, there are few organisations that collect scattered information from various sources such as official site of Microsoft, Blogs, press release to create a Roadmap which is really comprehensive and credible.

According to a similar Microsoft 2012 Product Roadmap, we have come to know about some major releases in 2012 and also 2013. Among all those milestones, the release of Windows 8 is the most significant one which will be released between the third quarter and the first quarter of 2013. To be more specific the release date windows 8 is fixed on October 26, 2012. In line with it, there is SharePoint 15, Exchange 15, next-gen Lync that will be released in the last quarter of 2012. If you have been waiting for SQL Server 2012, it is rumored that it will be released somewhere in the last quarter of 2012. After this, there is also Office 15 that will be released in the beginning of 2013. Although it was initially thought to be released in late 2012, it is now confirmed that it won’t be released before Jan 2013.

However, all of these information might not be accurate as the release dates of Microsoft products delay on a frequent basis. The last minute bug fixes, new upgrades always make a setback for the research and development team. Also, it is quite difficult to stick to a specific timeline while making a launch on such a global level. So, except some changes in these Roadmaps as well.

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