During the first quarter of 2013, Microsoft shipped about 900,000 Tablets, which means they now have 1.8 percent of the world’s Tablet market. Research firm IDC says Microsoft is trailing behind the leading company Apple Inc., which shipped 19.5 million Tablets during the first quarter of 2013; they own almost 40 percent of the world’s Tablet market.

The rest of the major Tablet manufacturers include:

  • Samsung with 18 percent of the Tablet market, shipping 8.8 million,
  • Asus with 5.5 percent of the market, shipping 2.7 million, and
  • Amazon.com Inc. with 3.7 percent, shipping 1.8 million.

Ryan Reith of IDC said:

“Recent rumors have talked about the possibility of Windows 8 Tablets and Windows RT Tablets with smaller screens coming to market. However, the market is already moving towards smart 7-8 inch devices, and lower cost and consumer messaging is currently Microsoft’s biggest challenge.”

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