We’ve heard a lot about what the new Windows 8 operating system has to offer like its Metro interface, super-fast operating speed and dual touchscreen keyboards – one for thumb use and one for regular typing. We’ve also heard that consumers will have to pay extra to play CDs and DVDs with Windows 8. What we haven’t heard about as much is that Windows 8 comes with automatic protection.

In a press release, issued around the time of the Windows 8 developer preview release, Microsoft’s Steven Sinofsky introduced a new and improved version of Windows Defender to go along with the new operating system.

Despite the ever present threat of cyber criminals, some people still don’t install security software on their computers or enable the ones that come with their computers’ operating systems. According to Sinofsky, with the new Windows 8 operating system, that may not be necessary. The excerpt below explains how the upgraded Windows Defender operates:

If you don’t have another solution installed, Windows 8 will provide protection with a significantly improved version of Windows Defender.

Improved protection for all types of malware. The improvements to Windows Defender will help protect you from all types of malware, including viruses, worms, bots and rootkits by using the complete set of malware signatures from the Microsoft Malware Protection Center, which Windows Update will deliver regularly along with the latest Microsoft antimalware engine.

In addition, Windows Defender will now provide you with real-time detection and protection from malware threats using a file system filter and will interface with Windows secured boot, another new Windows 8 protection feature.

When you use a PC that supports UEFI-based Secure Boot (defined in the UEFI 2.3.1 specification), Windows secured boot will ensure that all firmware and firmware updates are secure and that the entire Windows boot path up to the antimalware driver has not been tampered with. It does this by loading only properly signed and validated code in the boot path. This ensures that malicious code can’t load during boot or resume and helps to protect you against boot sector and boot loader viruses, as well as bootkit and rootkit malware that try to load as drivers.

All of Microsoft’s Windows 8 preview releases, including the developer preview, have included the upgraded version of Windows Defender.

Although it’s a good idea for everyone to have some type of security software installed on his computer, it’s not easily affordable for everyone. With the new Windows 8 operating system, those who can’t afford their own can enjoy similar protections as those who can. Even those who don’t think it’s worth the bother will have what they need to protect them against the latest viruses, malware, etc.