How Sydney Organisations Can Use Microsoft Teams

As businesses acclimate to the new normal of the global pandemic, virtual collaboration is more essential than ever. Your staff must be able to connect quickly and securely, both synchronously and asynchronously.

When workers became virtual in response to the global pandemic of COVID-19, companies were tasked with keeping them connected and communicating to keep their businesses running. Now it’s time to consider taking your communications to the next level.

Microsoft Teams is helping businesses not just survive but thrive.

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Taking Care of Colleagues and Culture

Maintaining company culture without a physical workplace can be tough. Employees require communication and organization to keep them connected while working virtually both inside and outside of actual meetings.

Microsoft Teams can help.

One of the first trends for new work-from-home employees was video conferencing, namely Zoom, to connect employees for virtual meetings.

But now that the dust has settled, many companies are rethinking their hasty adoptions of the popular tool, as it has been plagued with privacy and security concerns — and even lawsuits. Some have banned Zoom altogether.

Like Zoom, all video conferencing solutions fall short in the area of asynchronous communication — that is, keeping workers connected when they’re not in a meeting together. But Microsoft Teams will allow your colleagues to meaningfully connect within meetings, with their secure video and audio options.

Also, employee calendars sync in Teams, meaning less time spent emailing for available times and coordinating logistics.

Stay Connected When You’re Not In Meetings

Consider Teams a top-notch tool for staying organized when colleagues are not in meetings, which for most of us is the majority of our workday.

Microsoft Teams will allow your colleagues to move to a comprehensive digitally-based workplace seamlessly. It improves collaboration and communication far beyond providing just a meeting platform.

Teams are designed to thoroughly and easily integrate with Office 365, which means Word, Excel, and Powerpoint work nicely inside the tool. Employees can share documents in real-time from any device.

Super-charge Meetings You’re In

Within teams, calendars are easily accessed, making planning meetings, and conference calls effortless.

Agendas can be shared in one place that’s easy to access and refer back to as needed. Updates can be pushed out in real-time, and follow-up items can also be housed within a chat.

Everyone can agree that less email is a huge perk. Teams users find their workflows more organized with the tool, which means less time spent searching through emails for data or information.

Plus, meetings can link to land-line phones or cell phones, eliminating the need for expensive headsets.

Keep Security Top of Mind

Because Teams are hosted in the cloud, it’s accessible anywhere from any device through the desktop or mobile applications.

Teams are also built with security and privacy as a top priority, eliminating security concerns from users and business leaders. Using Teams will minimize risk to your organization and provide peace of mind to your colleagues.

Prepare for Recovery

According to Forbes Magazine, companies should prepare now for revenue acceleration post-pandemic. Once the virus subsides, many companies will realize months of pent-up demand for their products and be busier than ever.

As we consider return-to-office and the future of hybrid workspaces, the time is right to implement organized communications with Teams.

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