Whether you use your iPad primarily for business or personal purposes, will determine what apps you absolutely “must have” as Lex Friedman put it in his article for Computer World. Everyone has his own idea about which apps you “must have” on your iPad. There are so many from which to choose, that you really have to make your decision based on your own personal preferences, not someone else’s.

For example, if you use your iPad primarily for business, then the Netflix app – which is free, by the way — might not be such a good idea. On the other, if you have children, whether your iPad is for business or personal use, the free Toontastic app could come in handy. One app that could be considered a “must have” for anyone is the Reeder, a $5 RSS reader app that syncs through Google Reader and allows you to stay up to date with articles from any website.

Those who use their iPads primarily for work might appreciate free apps such as Dropbox, Box.net and GoToMeeting. Tweetbot is a $3 app that Friedman recommends, but the TweetDeck for iPad and Twitterific for iPad apps, though slightly different, are free. Any one of these apps is a must have for people who use Twitter to market themselves or their businesses and/or connect with customers.

Every computer should have a calculator, but according to Friedman, the iPad doesn’t have a calculator app, so he recommends the PCalc Lite. Besides performing regular math functions the PCalc Lite also does things like unit conversions, which can really be useful for people who have international clients.

If you want to stay up to date with the latest headlines, there are all kinds of free apps that you can download, such as CNN – one of Friedman’s recommendations, AP News, Financial Times for iPad, Huffington Post for iPad and several others.

When it comes to choosing apps for your iPad, personal preference is the name of the game. Whatever apps make sense for your personal or professional life are the only ones that you truly “must have” on your iPad.

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