Top 3 Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) Vendors Today

We live in a time when cybercriminals are more adept at side-stepping ordinary firewalls. Many people are now working from home, making them susceptible to cyber threats. Companies are looking for ways to equip their employees with resources to access the corporate network.

Next-gen firewalls are now an essential tool to stop hackers in their tracks. At Sydney Technology Solutions, we understand firewalls play their part in securing your organization. We include the top 3 next-gen firewalls in the market today to look out for.

Next-Generation Firewall

Next-Gen Firewall Explained

Firewalls protect your computer systems against various malware such as viruses, ransomware, worms, adware, trojans, and more. Next-Generation Firewalls take this a step further; – they offer a more robust ability to identify and completely block all malware before it enters your systems or networks.

NGFWs will detect and combat attacks across your entire network. With cyber-attacks getting more sophisticated, you will need these firewalls to boost your security solution. It doesn’t matter if it’s a data center, cloud, or network.

NGFW Features to Look For

The standard features you will find in the best NGFWs include IDS/IPS, web proxy and URL filtering, support for single-enterprise firewalls, Web Application Firewalling, and virtual versions for use in the cloud.

It is crucial to look for the following features when comparing NGFW:

  • Performance
  • Pricing
  • Ease of installation and use
  • Third-party security integration
  • Extra features like application visibility and cloud protection
  • Convenience at blocking threats

Sydney Technology Solutions Picks the Top Three Vendors for NGFW

1.      Palo Alto Networks PA-Series

Palo Alto Networks is among the most popular NGFW with features such as FWaaS (Prisma Access), hardware-based (PA-Series), containerized (CN-Series), Virtual (VM-Series), and options. It got recognized by Gartner for ten consecutive years as a leader of Network Firewalls due to its Magic Quadrant™. It is also highly top-rated in the Forrester Wave in Q3 2021 for ZTNA.

The firewall consists of physical appliances, 5G-ready firewalls, and virtualized firewalls. Palo Alto launched its complete zero-trust network security in 2021 with new PA-400 Series and PA-5450 firewalls. Using these will offer enterprise-grade security on every corner of the business.

Businesses can also secure their multi-cloud business with a new cloud identity and protect their SaaS explosions with an integrated CASB. You will receive a consolidated, single-vendor solution for various security needs on a single interface.

2.      Fortinet FortiGate

Fortinet FortiGate is another NGFWs worth considering, more so after its recognition for the 12th time in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™. FortiGate network firewalls are powered by a single OS, whether virtual, physical, or delivered to a cloud. They will protect any edge at all scales, offering a seamless experience for administrators and users.

The FortiGate firewall is available for cloud platforms and effective firewall deployment cases. Fortinet acquired OPAQ in 2021, then released FortiSASE with SD-WAN and FWaaS.

These acquisitions enable Fortinet to offer continuous innovation while providing customers with cutting-edge security tools to improve digital business access. Also, using this NGFW offers a single platform with end-to-end security across the whole network.

3.      Cisco Firepower

Cisco is another strong player in the NGSW world. It has multiple firewalls product lines that offer intrusion prevention, cloud-based and boxing, advanced malware protection, endpoint protection, URL filtering, web getaway protection, network analysis, SEG security, and more.

You will also have complete control of the cloud access security broker (CASB) to help protect companies using Cisco Secure Workload, Cisco Secure Firewall, and the Meraki MX series products.

You also get access to Cisco Umbrella, which offers secure access to any resources regardless of location. You can use it at home, in the office or on the road. It will provide a reliable security posture in all scenarios. The umbrella uses DNS-layer security on a Secure Web Gateway to get server communications.

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