It is now final that Apple won’t be including Java or providing any support for this on their Mac operating system. The company has already removed the old versions of Java from its Internet browsers when the operating system was being updated. Although there were no formal announcements behind this move, many tech gurus are speculating that it has been done for certain security issues with Java in the recent times.

As you all know, Java is the most popular computer language and an indispensable platform for developers to make their sites accessible from multiple Internet browsers running on different operating systems such as Microsoft Windows or Macs. In short, it is one of the most widely used languages among the developers. Hence, the news came as a shock to many Mac users.

Although we are not sure, many people are guessing that it is due to the Java bug which was discovered in August 2011 that led to a number of hacking attacks on Mac and Windows PCs. Although Oracle came up with a patch for the bug in its Java, people found more bugs in it that kept PCs still vulnerable to attacks. However, once Java is removed from the PC, the threat of attacks reduced by a great extent. This has seriously jeopardized the reputation of Java and probably contributed to the removal of it from Mac as well. However, neither Oracle nor Apple has made any comments about this yet.

Nonetheless, this shouldn’t alarm Mac users. Although Mac does not include Java any more, people can still use them. However, now they will have to download or obtain Java straight from Oracle and install it at their own risk. It was already decided between Apple and Oracle that Apple would one day stop providing Java software to Mac customers and that Oracle have to take on that responsibility. This decision was made almost two years ago and they didn’t mention any date for that transition.

Hence, it shouldn’t be an unexpected event for these two companies. However, this is a clear sign for Oracle to reconsider their security issues on a prompt basis.

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