Onsite Support in Sydney

When You Need Onsite IT Support, You Need The Best Service In Sydney. You need STS.

There are huge benefits to having a highly responsive, fast and skilled IT support team in the wings. STS places great value in developing our Onsite Team so they can meet your emergent and ongoing IT needs.

To ensure your IT stays up and running, and meet your growing business needs, we recommend that you set up regular scheduled onsite visits by an one of our highly skilled engineers. These visits not only connect a real face to our Help Desk, but also result in higher productivity for your staff, and a better relationship between your people and our IT support team.

Cloud computing has simplified IT support, and provides the ability for STS to provide remote support.  However there are times when you need an “IT House Call” to take care of computers and other hardware issues that remote support simply can’t provide.  In these times you can depend on one of our Onsite Technicians to be there in a timely manner.

There may be times when you need:

  • An IT expert to sit down and lend an ear,
  • Repair or replace hardware,
  • Perform a hands-on inspection of your IT system, or
  • Temporarily take the place of an in-house IT employee.

STS will be there. If we can’t resolve your IT issues remotely, you can expect a “knock at your door.”  Our onsite support technicians will be there, in many cases, before you even know you have a problem.

Businesses throughout Sydney turn to Sydney Technology Solutions for their day-to-day Onsite IT Support. For more information about our Onsite IT Support, or to book a no-cost, no-obligation assessment of your IT needs, call us at (02) 8212 4722 or email us at [email protected]