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Get a Birds-Eye View.

Birds Eye View is A quick and effective way to navigate a zoomed-in image.

While zoomed-in, hold down the H key, then click-and-drag for a quick view of your progress.  When you’re done, just position your mouse where you want to jump back in, and bring it back to the original zoomed-in level.

Instant Copy with ALT

You can quickly copy objects in PhotoShop by simply holding the ALT key, and then click-and-drag any layer to create an instant copy.

Increase Your Historical Snapshot Capacity (and Number of Undo Actions).

The default setting in Photoshop only remembers 20 previous actions that you can undo. You might find this limiting when working on large projects.  By making Photoshop remember more actions, you give yourself more room to correct mistakes.  You can increase this by going to: Edit > Preferences > Performance

Click the small arrow and move the slider to the right side to increase the number manually. PhotoShop can remember up to 1,000 history states. But keep in mind that this can affect the performance of the application. The change takes effect immediately so you don’t need to restart the program.

Pick a Colour From Another Window.

Use the Eyedropper Tool in Photoshop to designate a new foreground or background colour. You can take a color from an active image open in PhotoShop.  Simply click-and-drag the eye-dropper tool off the screen to select a colour. It will let you grab colors from another image that aren’t even part of the program. This tip will save you time taking screengrabs and bringing them into Photoshop to find just the right colour values.

Automatic Crop and Straighten

This is a great time-saver if you scan a lot of photos into PhotoShop.  Simply scan several photos at once, then go to: File>Automate>Crop and Straighten Photos.  PhotoShop will then cut each photo into a separate file, and at the same time it will straighten it.

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