Sydney IT Services

STS focuses on three core pillars to deliver high-quality IT services to business in Sydney – People, Process and Platform.

With this focus, we can consistently deliver award-winning, industry leading outsourced IT support and strategic services to our business clients.

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The three core pillars of Great Sydney IT Services

Providing high quality managed IT services is simple in principle, but in fact it took us years to become masters at providing IT services to business in Sydney. Our team of Sydney IT support specialist have spent decades perfecting the art of delivering exactly what our clients need. By concentrating on people, process and platform we have reached the point where we can deliver award-winning, industry leading outsourced IT and strategic services consistently to our clients.


  • Serving our clients is our obsession
  • Provide 100% committment all the time


  • Client needs come first always
  • When client are down it is cost them money


  • Attract and retain the best professionals period!
  • Keep our team up to date with business and technology skills