Ready To Come and Open Your Office In Sydney?

Moving your international business to Australia is exciting. But for one South American company with no internal IT staff, their dream of coming to Sydney almost ended. Here’s what happened.

Ready To Come and Open Your Office In Sydney

It Started Like Any Ordinary Tuesday

Midway through the morning, we get a call from a CIO of a South American international shipping company. They were moving their entire operation to Sydney, had a new office already picked out, and planning on moving in by the end of the month. But the person on the other end of the phone didn’t sound too excited because they had no internal IT staff here in Australia to assist them.

A Hidden Problem Popped Up

The initial problem this caller had was needing IT assistance to set up desks and other equipment once it arrived at the new location. But before they ended the call, we uncovered a bigger problem. The CIO was looking for a long term and reliable partner, and couldn’t find anyone that met their needs. That was troubling for them because they needed device provisioning and any ordering options. They asked if we could initially help them until they found a permanent solution.

What Should You Know First Before Opening an Office In a Different Country?

Working with clients across the globe, situations like this are not uncommon for us. In this instance, the client is now in their new office, the equipment fully set up, and we are now their long-term partner. That brings up another concern we have for those wanting to open an office in another country but do not know the first steps to locate IT services that meet their needs.

What Should You Do First?

Before moving your business or opening an office in a new country, for instance, Sydney, Australia, begin your search online for IT Support companies in the city and land you plan to relocate. The critical thing to note about IT support companies. What may be offered in your country may not be practised or provided in the country you want to open an office. So, here are three simple steps we recommend you follow when searching for the right IT provider.

Step 1. Review Their Website

The website for a reputable IT services provider will have plenty of informative information for you to review. For instance, when you examine our STS website, you will discover we follow that model by furnishing plenty of content.

  • IT Articles
  • Client Feedback
  • Tech Tuesday’s
  • Our Core Values

Step 2. Services Offered

Services offered are particularly important to review thoroughly. Not every IT support company provides the same types of services. On our website, you will note we have specific services listed that we offer.

  • Services – Managed IT, Help Desk, Computer Services & Repair
  • IT Security Services – Disaster Recovery, Email Security Solutions, Business Continuity Planning
  • Cloud Services – Cloud Consulting, Cloud Backup, Cloud Hosting
  • And much more

Step 3. Call, Use the Live Chat or Email

After you have reviewed the provider’s website, initiate contact with them to see what they know. At our website, you can call, use the popular live chat, email us, or fill in a contact form. With the CIO, they chose the live chat option and spoke directly to one of our staff.

As you begin planning your move to Sydney, and you need professional IT support, we are more than happy to help you during that transition.

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