The new look of Windows 8, which was revealed recently, has already raised a few eyebrows. It is without a doubt, one of the biggest renovations from Microsoft, which has shred most its popular features and functions. This move from Microsoft might sounds good for the sake of innovation, but habitual users will certainly have troubles getting used to the new operating system.

Microsoft has billions of loyal users who have been using Windows operating systems ever since the launch of Windows 95. With the time, Microsoft made a number of changes in its operating systems and gave it users upgraded versions i.e. 98, 2000, Millennium, XP, Vista and lastly Windows 7. All of these versions of Windows included a number of changes both in features and looks. However, none of those changes were so drastic as the Windows 8. Since there was a gradual change in between the previous operating systems, people didn’t have much of a problem using an upgraded version. However, with Windows 8, Microsoft has gone for a complete makeover and incorporated new features and looks alien to its predecessors. Hence, habitual users are sure to face a number of problems with this operating system. A number of tech gurus have already expressed their concern about this, saying that it will take serious effort to get used to the new operating system.

The users will mostly have trouble with the start screen of Windows 8 which doesn’t have those old icons any more. Rather it includes rectangular tiles which you can push on a touch screen tablet or click with a mouse. The motive behind this look was to develop an all in all operating system that will work on smartphones, tablets and also conventional PCs. Although the OS works very fine on tablets and smartphones, people with conventional PCs are having problems with it. Most of the old users who are accustomed to the old Start Button and Task Bar will need a good amount of time to figure out how to use them.

Although some might like the revamped Windows 8, it looks like most people will surely have problems with it. That is where we come in as your trusted Microsoft Partner. We can help you make sense of Windows 8 and if it is the right choice for you. There will come a day when this is all we can get. However, our team of skilled IT Professionals can help you with all your Windows 8 support.