Server VirtualizationIf you want to save money and IT resources, there’s no better way than through virtualization.  Studies support this fact.

  • A recent study reports that 70% of businesses rely on virtualization to save them from investing in hardware
  • Another 51% use it to save on software licenses.
  • Virtualization also improves server utilization and application management, reducing the time needed for IT management.
  • More than 50% of those surveyed, say that server virtualization helps them lower utilization costs by improving efficiencies.
  • Virtualization improves security through enhanced business continuity. Business continuity is a main reason why businesses use virtualization. Without it, 49 percent of businesses that experience a disaster, end up closing.
  • 66 percent of those surveyed said that they improved business continuity in through high availability, data security, and reduced downtimes.
  • Nine out of ten IT departments spend at least half of their time performing administrative tasks. Virtualization eliminates the need for these workers to manually perform routine maintenance, hence saving money on administrative expenses.
  • Companies that use virtualization report IT productivity gains of 73 percent.
  • 66 percent of businesses realized operational improvements with virtualization through greater efficiencies in support and management.

Smart business owners are taking advantage of virtualization to reap these benefits and more. 

Want to learn how virtualization can save your business money, and improve your security? Our server and desktop virtualization experts can tell you how..

* Virtualization refers to the act of creating virtual versions of computer hardware platforms, operating systems, IT storage devices, and network resources.