STS Ensures Your IT Is Setup For Success. We Measure Our Success By Yours.

Setting Up IT SystemsSydney Technology Solutions is different from other IT providers. We go the “extra mile” and perform ongoing audits of your IT system to ensure it’s sound and always functioning at peak performance.

Plus we’ll consult with your third party vendors to ensure their solutions are compatible with ours—(You’ll find that other IT providers won’t do this, because it takes time and effort.)  STS does this because we value your business, and want to provide the best IT services in Sydney.

IT’s Simple. We measure our success by yours. 

IT Setup From STS Includes:

  • Workstation, Network, Printer & Fax Setup and Installation
  • Hardware & Software Repairs
  • On-Demand Tech Support
  • Firewall Setup and Protection
  • Malware and Virus Protection
  • Spyware Removal
  • Updates & Reformatting
  • Peripheral Device Setup
  • PC Optimisation
  • Operating Systems
  • Data Backup Solutions
  • 24×7 Tech Support


Again —IT’s simple. All we need to do is use our industry-leading tools and expertise to map out the systems you need for your specific business requirements. It’s not “rocket science” but simply a thorough and responsible effort to ensure we’re providing what your business always needs to succeed.

STS Setup Ensures:  

  • Affordable and reliable IT functioning and support.
  • Your third-party vendor systems are compatible with our solutions.
  • Your IT system runs 24/7 without complications.
  • If problems do occur that we’ll be there to provide full support when you need it.

For more information about STS’s IT Setup Services, or to book a no-cost, no-obligation assessment of your IT needs, call us at (02) 8212 4722 or email us at [email protected]