Skype offers a multitude of reliable business meeting solutions for the established and growing company.

On average 11 million meetings are held in U.S. workplaces throughout the year. In fact, the typical employee will attend approximately 60 meetings per month. As business meetings seem to become a part of our daily work lives, many business owners are left wondering how they can be in two places at once? How can they attend a meeting in the morning at one office, and an equally important meeting at another office location across the country at lunch? Fortunately for all sized business Skype offers a wide variety of reliable business meeting solutions.

Skype Business Meetings

Skype For Business Meetings
For over a decade Skype has provided reliable video and phone communication services. Now, Skype has perfected the art of hosting a business meeting. The company offers audio, video, and web conferencing services that allow up to 250 people to join the meeting from a variety of devices, including: smartphones, PCs, tablets, laptops, and meeting room devices. Like an in-person office meeting, Skype business meetings can be scheduled in advance, added to your work calendar, and include the capacity for streamlined content sharing capabilities.

Skype Meeting Broadcast
Skype also offers businesses access to meeting broadcasts, which are designed to extend the reach of Skype meetings to up to 10,000 attendees. The Skype meeting broadcast service offers businesses a cost-effective solution to host webinars, conduct a company all-hands meeting, or complete an online presentation. From the streaming services via Microsoft Azure to the ability to customize the experience, Skype meeting broadcast might just allow a CEO to be in two places at once.

PSTN Conferencing From Microsoft
Skype’s latest PSTN conferencing from Microsoft is a unique feature that will allow you to join a Skype meeting by simply using a telephone. Local dial-in numbers eliminate the need for an Internet connection. In addition, you can completely control the meeting roster to better determine who has joined the meeting via phone or the Internet. This added capability will allow you to tailor the meeting to best align with the technology capabilities of your attendees.

Change The Way Your Business Conducts Meetings With Skype
The moral of the story is clear, Skype provides the foundation needed for businesses to effectively conduct business meetings on a wide scale. Whether you are interested in hosting a webinar or want to have a meeting with the branch leaders for all offices, Skype has the reliable business meeting solutions that you need to succeed. For additional tips on how to use the latest technologies to successfully grow your business, contact Sydney Technology Solutions located in Sydney via [email protected] or (02) 8212 4722.