How to Use Slicers to Filter Data in Excel

There is an easier way to filter your pivot tables or excel tables. They are called slicers. Slicers are used in pivot tables and Excel tables to filter the needed information from collected data within seconds. They show you the current filtering state and allow for quick filtering.

If you want to understand how to use Excel slicers, you’ll get all the information you require right here. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to design slicers. Slicers are compatible with Macintosh and Windows operating systems. How do you create a slicer to filter your data? Here are the two simple steps to follow to using slicers in your Excel table.

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Step 1: Converting data into a pivot table format or tabular format

The first step is to convert the data into a PivotTable format or tabular format. Excel treats all data in the form of the database by default. Therefore, it will not be possible to add a slicer with such a format.

To covert the data, click on any cell from your database to create a table. Click on the pivot table or excel table. From the Home tab, go to insert and choose the slicer option. Go to the centre of the insert menu on your toolbar and select the pivot table option. Check that the table header is correct and click OK.

You can change the layout of the table. The table gets filters by default, but you can turn them off. Once you create the slicer, you can easily move them and input them anywhere you want on the screen.

You can also try it with a regular excel table. Slicers on a regular table act as auto-filters to filter the table data. Click on any cell from your sheet. Use the Ctrl + T key to convert your data into a table. Select your table range and click OK.

Step 2: Choose any cell on the pivot table or excel table to insert the slicer

Now that you have converted your data into an Excel table or pivot table, the next thing is to insert your slicer. From the pivot table sheet, go to the insert option and choose insert slicers. Click on any cell on your Excel table or PivotTable to insert slicers.

You can also go to the insert option on your toolbar. Select the insert slicer option. A new insert slicer dialog box appears with more parameters. Check the fields you want to display and then click OK.

For every field you’ve selected, a slicer will be created. The slicers will appear on the screen, and you can now use them. You can proceed to filter the information using the slicers you have created. You can click on the slicer buttons to apply the filter to the linked Pivot Table or table. If you want to pick more than one item, then hold ctrl and select them. You can clear the slicers by selecting the clear filter on the slicer.

Benefits of using slicers

Slicers have numerous benefits and make your life easier when doing data analysis. Here are some benefits of using slicers to filter data in Excel.

  • You can easily copy or move the slicer formulas to different tables.
  • It helps to maintain data security since you’ll only filter the required information without affecting the actual data.
  • Slicers allow you to get the information you need within a short time.

Using slicers in Excel is an excellent way to filter your data. Now that you know how to use slicers, the next thing is to go ahead and make your work easier by using them. If you require help with your IT services, get in touch with us today.