Speed Up Your Slow Computer With A Quick Restart

How often do you restart your computer? It’s very easy to get into the habit of putting your computer into sleep mode when you’re not using it, and then waking it up when you’re ready to use it again. You do not have to play the waiting game when waking your computer up from sleep mode.

However, failing to restart your computer regularly can significantly reduce your computer’s efficiency. You may be thinking you’re saving yourself more time by leaving your computer in sleep mode instead of giving it a restart, but this can be the reason why your applications are taking longer than usual to start. Restarting your computer not only helps to maintain its health, but it can solve problems you may encounter with memory or some applications not functioning as intended.

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Maybe you don’t want to restart your computer because you do not want to shut down your browser that has 15 tabs open. Perhaps you don’t want to have to find and re-open the documents you were working on. However, did you know that your computer can greatly benefit from restarts for several reasons?

  • When you restart your computer, it will flush your computer’s memory
  • There are updates that will never be completed if you never restart your computer
  • If there are programs you have running, a restart will shut down the programs you may not need to have running
  • A restart provides more space for your processor to run the programs and applications you actually need
  • A computer restart can be a simple way to fix network connection problems
  • Restarting your computer often fixes software errors

How many times you should restart your computer will depend on your computer and how it is used. Typically, restarting your computer once a week will allow your computer to keep running efficiently. You should restart your computer if:

  • Your computer is running slowly or is unresponsive
  • You need to complete an update
  • You do not have plans to use the computer for a few days
  • Your computer feels hot
  • You have installed new hardware
  • You cannot open a file or application

Are You Having Problems With A Slow Computer?

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