Forecast temperatures are so extreme that the Bureau of Meteorology has had to add a new colour to its temperature scale. Is this a sign of things to come across Australia?

With more than 100 residents still missing in Tasmania amid blistering temperatures, much of Australia including New South Wales burns out of control in regions. Rural Fire Services battle 28 fires that continue to burn across the state’s northern region fuelled by high winds and blistering above normal heat. According to an article we read this morning in the Sydney Morning Herald, fires continue to burn in the north and firefighters continue their massive combined efforts to battle the wildfires, even on just a few hours of sleep.

Rural Fire Services Assistant Commissioner Rob Rogers is confident firefighters will have the blaze in Lithgow under control soon. Other areas, including Deans Gap in the Shoalhaven continue to spread, jumping the Princess Highway and putting Sussex Inlet under threat.

Three juveniles have been charged with starting a fire in Shavely in Sydney’s west.

When events like this occur businesses start to think about protecting their assets. Last year, parts of Australia experienced flooding that impacted many homes and businesses. This year, wildfires are threatening thousands of hectares of forest and bush across New South Wales.

Disaster planning is essential to protect your business, but it really needs to be thought of before a crisis hits the region. Many businesses across Australia still do not have a strategy in place to deal with natural disasters such as floods or fire when they hit home. This leaves data and the well being of the business exposed and at risk. However, many disasters that strike business are not from Mother Nature’s doing. Human error and technical breakdowns account for many server failures and outages across the country costing millions of dollars in lost efficiency and revenues.

This is why it is important to have business continuity and disaster recovery strategies in place from day one, ensuring that when a disaster strikes, equipment fails or even when someone deletes important data, you have a plan to get it back and get it back swiftly.

Don’t leave your business exposed. Our team can help you get a plan in place, make sure all your business data is properly backed up and that any potential threats and risks are mitigated. Call us today to book a no obligation review of your business continuity strategies.