IT Security BreachDid you hear about this?

A software developer thought that he would outsource his own job to China allowing him time to surf the web and shop online. While workers in China were taking on his duties for about one fifth of his six figure salary, this George Costanza-type worker goofed off throughout the day.

His company caught on to his antics after doing a security check sometime last year on its virtual private network logs. The company discovered an active VPN connection from Shenyang, China to this software developer’s computer that had been open for months.

IT security experts also discovered that the Chinese workers were connecting to the main company server using the employee’s login and password. Even though he was sitting at his desk, the login showed him signed on in China.

In addition to sharing his corporate login and password, the software developer also couriered his RSA security token to the Chinese workers allowing them to connect and maintain his regular nine to five workday while they were working the nightshift.

This once best developer in the firm lost his job and his six figure salary.

This article got us thinking about the importance of IT security and making sure access to the corporate network is as secure as possible.

When was the last time you had an audit or review done on your business network? Many businesses we run across do not have the proper IT security systems in place and many business owners have no idea what is happening on their corporate networks.

We are here to help ensure that all your IT security systems are setup properly and your business IT systems are routinely monitored preventing unauthorized access to your network and also to verify how your employees are using IT services from outside the office.

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