Within a very short span of time, LinkedIn has turned out to be a great phenomenon in social networking for professionals. This is indeed a great platform where people can meet new professionals or get job opportunities.  LinkedIn has been chosen by a majority of professionals throughout the globe and most people have profiles on this site. A profile page on LinkedIn is more like an online resume or digital business card. However, there are a number of tips which can help you to get more out of this site.

To be more effective with LinkedIn, you need to build up your own brand. So, make sure that you regularly share your status, updates and plans with others. The more you talk about yourself, the more attention you will get. You should also try to provide as much information as you can. Your LinkedIn homepage is the best place for someone to find all relevant information about you. So keep your page updated. In addition, you should try to maintain regular interaction with your friends and colleagues on LinkedIn. Just simply make a comment, send a wish or take part in a conversation with others. The best time to reach someone is the time when you don’t need anything from that person. So start as early as possible.

In addition, you should get involved with different groups on LinkedIn. Try to join different groups and take part in their discussions. Another smart idea to work on LinkedIn is to take part in Q&A.  You can ask and answer different questions in this section and this is also a great place to interact with other professionals from similar industries. Another thing that will add more value to your LinkedIn page is getting recommendations. Just getting a recommendation on your home page can add to your credibility. Last but not the least, go through the LinkedIn site for other applications under the “More” drop down menu. They have a number of helpful tools as well.  With these, you will get more out of LinkedIn.

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