Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, Inc., has had a widely successful career. It wasn’t without its ups and downs as he actually was let go from the Macintosh division of Apple in 1985. From the development of the Apple I computer in 1976 on through to the Apple II and the Lisa and Macintosh, Mr. Jobs was inspired to make computers during the time he was with Apple prior to his leaving.

The road made a turn for the good in 1996 when Jobs was invited back to the company he had originally co-founded and things continued on an upward curve towards the better. Successful products that made Steve Jobs the well-known man that he is marched on from the iMac, iPod, iTunes store, iPhone and iPad — all familiar products that households and businesses all over the world are using on a daily basis.

It was with a heavy heart today that the world heard the news. Steve Jobs announced his resignation from Apple as CEO. While he will remain as chairman of Apple’s board, he will turn the reigns over to its new CEO, Tim Cook. Mr. Cook is no stranger to running the business as he was the chief operating officer for seven years and stepped in during the times that Jobs was forced to take medical leaves due to poor health.

Some are conjecturing that yes, Apple now enters a new era with the resignation with the possibility of the downfall of Apple looming in the future. BUT, I can only imagine that as long as Steve Jobs is able to carry on his duties as chairman, his wisdom and influence will still be a positive force at Apple.

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