STS has its eyes set on the city of Melbourne, Australia to establish a new office for providing Information Technology (IT) services and support. 

(Melbourne, AU – February 9, 2012) – The trusted Sydney network support company STS is all about bringing together a wide range of business and technology disciplines.  This will ensure that a Melbourne business receives what it needs, when it needs it, all while getting the best possible return on investment.

STS, your professional solutions organisation, is expanding its IT services and support to Melbourne.  Melbourne businesses will receive expert managed IT services, cloud services and professional services that focus solely on their unique computing, networking and application needs from Australia’s leading global IT outsourcing services company.

“The decision to expand to the Melbourne region was not made lightly,” said Adam Rippon, President of STS.  “With Melbourne being the second most populous city in Australia and with reports that suggest SMBs are growing rapidly in the Melbourne region, it just made sense for STS to be located close to them.”

STS has a proven track record of achieving client-desired results and, in most cases, exceeding the clients’ expectations. Even though the economy has not been the best, STS has thrived because it delivers proven, steadfast and cost-effective technology solutions.


About STS:  STS offers a comprehensive range of systems, professional services and support with a strong emphasis on proven ‘Industry Standard’ Solutions.

STS offers you a team of dedicated, experienced computer network and IT support engineers who will help solve your problems in a professional and timely manner. Many Sydney business owners turn to us for business technology solutions and our Sydney network support services.

You can learn more about Sydney Technology Solutions by visiting our website.