Functioning IT systems can make or break a business. When and PromoBagsOnline started experiencing IT problems, they asked Sydney Technical Solutions to rescue them from a possible IT meltdown that could have cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Sydney, Australia 24 August 2012 – Technology enables businesses to accomplish many feats, such as expanding into new regional or global markets and providing the foundation for exemplary client service.  But when IT breaks down, profitability shrinks, communications grind to a halt and frustrated clients start looking at your competitors to take care of their needs. and PromoBagsOnline provide wholesale luggage and bags from their offices in Sydney, reaching a global clientele.  Technology plays a crucial role in the smooth operation of the companies’ two office locations and delivery of products to end retailers from and their joint Sydney-based warehouse.  As the companies began to grow, additional staff came onboard to handle internal IT operations.  However, the principals of the organisations were not technology professionals, and they entrusted the “keys to the kingdom” to an internal technology team.

Prior to STS’s involvement, and PromoBagsOnline had as many as three internal IT staff managing their technical operations.  Supporting up to 36 full-time employees and a number of mobile users presented an increasing challenge. As the IT systems started to break down, the help of a trusted Sydney IT consulting team was required to help them recover from the downward spiral. So, in 2005, the leadership team made a critical and wise decision: They called in Sydney Technology Solutions to review their IT environment.

STS uncovered a high number of technical challenges and issues that affected business operations, including a number of compliance challenges that STS quickly routed.  STS then went through the companies’ joint network thoroughly and identified key areas that required immediate attention.

According to David Lambert, manager at and PromoBagsOnline, “Our network was a mess.”

After completing the network review and audit, STS took over management of the corporate network and replaced the in-house IT staff with a managed IT services plan at a fraction of the cost.

Today, the company runs more efficiently with fewer staff members and a trusted IT partner in Sydney Technology Solutions.

“Technology will continue to play an ever changing role in our business. STS provides the foundation for us to be an agile competitor,” said Lambert.

STS helps Lambert and business owner Stuart Thomson to make informed business technology decisions and investments because the partners have neither the time nor the experience to wrestle with IT.  STS assists with the management of business data, procures the latest hardware when required and provides a fully redundant backup solution that completely protects all business information.  STS’s most valuable service is its ability to help the team for and PromoBagsOnline  save time while reassuring the management team that it is moving in the right direction.

STS supports Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Dynamics on HP hardware and DELL storage solutions, among other things, eliminates complications through a managed IT services program that consists of a number of proven best practices and leverages the best possible IT systems.  The end result is significant:  cost savings and improved system quality and employee productivity.

For the future, STS is providing and PromoBagsOnline with the right resources to increase Internet bandwidth, as the organisations take the initiative to educate their partners and customers on using their joint website, which will include online video.

Besides state-of-the-art cloud backup solutions, STS also provides email archiving and compliance and enhancements in mobility solutions, which help remote staff to quickly and efficiently fulfill customers’ needs.


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