When it comes to supporting businesses in Australia with the best information technology solutions, there is no better combination than STS and DELL.  Business leaders rely on their computers, servers to work so they can deliver their products and services to clients. With STS and DELL, business leaders can trust their IT to work.

Sydney, Australia Mar. 29, 2012 – Information Technology is essential in business today.  Having a trusted IT consultant who offers the right solutions to meet your business goals can be the difference between having a technology platform that enables your business and a computer network that prevents your business from achieving its goals.

STS has been accepted into the DELL Preferred Partner program in Australia.  With offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, STS provides IT support and consulting to businesses throughout Australia.  As a DELL Preferred Partner, STS continues to build upon its DELL server solutions, which leverage the latest in virtualisation technologies with VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V, Virtual Desktop technologies with Citrix and Microsoft RDP, and Microsoft Windows Server support.

“STS has been working with DELL for quite some time,” said Adam Rippon, Senior Consultant with STS.  “DELL is a very strategic ally for us and having DELL solutions available for our clients allows them to meet all their business IT needs.”

As a Preferred Partner in the DELL PartnerDirect program here in Australia, STS has demonstrated competency with DELL solutions and supports and has proven results with businesses across the country.  These solutions include virtualized server environments built with Windows 2008 Server, Hyper-V or VMware and DELL PowerEdge server hardware.

STS can support any server or network environment, including an existing DELL server and network, or assist businesses across Australia with the procurement of DELL solutions.

To learn more about how STS and DELL can help your business visit https://www.sydneytech.com.au or call Adam Rippon at  02 82124722 .