Small Businesses in Australia have many choices when it comes to selecting a cloud service for email, document sharing and online collaboration.  STS understands there are many cost-effective online services available to small and medium businesses in Australia and offers consulting services for Google Apps and other leading online technologies.

Sydney, Australia Mar. 22, 2012 – Businesses have many choices when it comes to selecting an online service that allows their team members to share documents, collaborate on projects, send and receive emails plus access information from a wide range of mobile devices and desktops.

Google Apps is a perfect solution for small and medium businesses across Australia that are looking for an easy to use, secure online set of tools to use on a daily basis.

“We are excited to add Google Apps consulting to our professional services offering,”  said Adam Rippon, senior partner with STS.  “Google enterprise solutions can be a wonderful alternative for some businesses.  Our team at STS knows the ins and outs of Google Apps and when it’s best to deploy Google solutions.”

STS’ Google Apps consulting team consults with business leaders on the best strategies for deploying Google solutions in their companies. They train business professionals on the effective use of Google solutions and provide help with many of the challenges that business professionals face when using those solutions.

Learn more about STS’ Google Apps consulting for businesses in Australia by calling (02) 8212 4722 or visit the STS website at