Are you getting enough from your business telephone system?

Dimensional Research recently conducted a survey on behalf of RingCentral, finding that approximately 70% of businesses with traditional on-premises phone systems have experienced complications with their systems. Results showed that a leading issue for 45 percent of the companies with an on-premises PBX was their need to integrate devices, business applications and mobile workers.

Approximately 23 percent of the IT decision makers reported that their on-premises PBXs weren’t flexible enough to meet the needs of their remote and mobile workers, and to accommodate business applications such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management).  They found the systems to be expensive, as well as difficult to manage and administer.

The survey also revealed that a whopping 92 percent of respondents said that a cloud-based phone system had very important benefits. A cloud-based phone system uses the power of cloud hosting and technology to allow businesses of any size to use a complete enterprise phone system. The survey respondents reported that a cloud-based phone system:

  • Easily expands as a business grows. (52%)
  • Provides an Interface for administration that is simple to use. (52%)
  • Has mobile applications that allow smartphones to be used as business extensions. (55%)
  • Eliminated the need for in-house installation and ongoing maintenance. (45%)
  • Reduced their phone system costs. (60%)

Following up on the results of the survey, Curtis Peterson, Vice President of Operations at Ring Central, noted that the level of dissatisfaction with current systems included both newer VolP (Voice over Internet Protocol) systems and legacy TDM (Time Division Multiplexing). It appears that customers want more than just calling with their mobile devices; they want mobile devices and applications to integrate with productivity tools for their sales force, customer identity and document management.

Cloud-based phone systems also provide:

  • All the features of traditional enterprise phone systems with more functions, like fax in your inbox, and advanced-call routing.
  • A complete enterprise phone system without expensive hardware or maintenance costs. Cloud-based systems are less expensive than traditional solutions.
  • Ease of use, with just minutes to set up.  Changes go live instantly.
  • Flexibility.  They’re customizable so businesses can add new uses and locations by just clicking a button.

Mr. Peterson believes the challenge will be to provide employees with a dependable experience when using all types of communication devices, such as tablets, desktop computers, laptop computers, smartphones and other mobile devices.

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