Hundreds of the worlds funniest people will converge on Sydney in April and May to make crowds giggle, chuckle, and roar with laughter. The Sydney Comedy Festival events and shows will kick off at the Opera House with a Comedy Festival Gala and throughout the event will feature comedians such as Daniel Sloss, Paul Chowdhry, Jeff Green, Becky Lucas, Shawn Wayans, and Tom Gleeson. It is estimated that these comedic talents will tickle the funny bone of more than 120,000 people at this year’s performances.

But what if you need more than a good belly laugh?

What if you need IT support for your business in Sydney CBD?

Well, we’re certainly not comedians, but the staff of Sydney Technology Solutions will give you something to smile about. – User-friendly, efficient, productive, and carefully maintained business technology.

In studying Sydney CBD businesses, we have discovered that companies in the central business district don’t have unrealistic expectations of their IT support staff. The businesses surveyed believed that they were relatively easy to please. They simply wanted:

  1. A Responsive IT Support Team – Let’s face it. You and your staff don’t have time to waste sitting on hold or waiting – and waiting – while a tech “gets around” to returning your email. When you have a question or an issue that’s holding up the forward motion of your workflow, you need a responsive team that will answer your questions and address your concerns without delay.
  2. Easily-Budgeted IT Expenditures – IT budgeting is an important factor in your overall business strategy. If technology support budgets skyrocket, that means you can’t hire the help you want or expand your line of products and services as quickly as you would like. The answer to this dilemma is an all-inclusive fixed monthly subscription model under which all your IT support needs are met.
  3. Executive-Level IT Guidance – Companies like yours hire technology experts because you want high-level guidance in this area. You want to know what in-house IT assets to keep, what cloud options will give you a financial benefit, and what emerging software or software features will increase your employee’s efficiency.
  4. Iron-Clad Cybersecurity – Protecting the business while doing work and making deals online is always at the forefront of the technology conversation. With stories emerging weekly in the news about companies being attacked, it’s natural for business owners and managers to take this threat seriously and to look for answers.

What about our IT support in Sydney CBD will make you smile?

Well, in some ways we’re very much like the Sydney Comedy Festival.

  • We bring in the best and the brightest minds in technology from across Australia to ensure that you have a happy experience with our staff and our services.
  • It’s more than a feeling; we provide security – taking away your fears of a cyber intrusion so you can focus on your work (or play).
  • While we don’t work on stage – don’t ask Adam to tell you his “Knock Knock” joke – we do know how to work under pressure, and we get results.
  • While we are all about the business of providing your Sydney CBD company with the IT support you require, we keep things light and don’t weigh you or your staff down with technical details you don’t care to know. We do our job so that you can do yours.

Do we write our own jokes? No, but our IT consultants take the time to understand your company’s unique business processes and your organisational goals so we can tailor our IT support to your business.

Listen to what our customers say about the Sydney Technology Solutions team.

 “Sydney Technology Solutions are the perfect fit for our business. They are professional, timely, efficient and cost-effective. I have used them in previous business and use them now. I have no hesitation in recommending them to any small or large business. I feel that they provide great solutions to our IT challenges. They are a key part of our business”. Salinaust


“Our clients are at the core of what we do, so it’s imperative to us that we know their information is secure. Our relationship with STS and the service they have delivered has completely met our requirements and has proven to be nothing but trustworthy and highly responsive.” Jessica Shuwalow

Sydney Technology Solutions won’t make you laugh, we won’t make you cry, but we will make you smile!

We’ve all run into the IT support tech that thinks that his job on-site is to joke, laugh, and waste time with the client’s employees – distracting them from the work that they are paid to do and want to get done.

At the other end of the spectrum, you’ve no doubt run into the excessively grumpy IT support tech (not nearly as cute as Grumpy Cat) that acts like he’s being punished and makes everyone around him miserable – including your staff.

Somewhere between the jokester and the all-too-serious grumpster, there is a happy, professional middle ground. That’s where the IT support team of Sydney Technology Solutions lives!

We ensure that our staff acts professionally, treats your employees with respect, answers their questions clearly, and solves IT problems quickly. That’s who we are. That’s our promise to you.

Our goal in every interaction with you and your staff is similar to the goal of the comics that are coming for the Sydney Comedy Festival. Whether we interact with you on the phone, by email, or in person, we want you to be happy with our service, happy with your IT support investment, and happy with the function of your IT environment.

How do we put a smile on the faces of our valued clients? – Through a custom IT implementation, management, and operational monitoring of their system leveraging these valuable services.

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