Is Your Business Prepared for Six Months of Public Restrictions?

The world as we know it is changing dramatically by the day. Is your business prepared to sustain operations over the long-term shutdowns looming over Australian companies?  

Life in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic is dramatically different than Australian companies may have expected. The Prime Minister’s office has defined an aggressive approach to stop the spread of COVID-19, but some leaders are still worried that these measures will not be enough. The implication for businesses is severe as these enhanced social distancing requirements mean that many companies such as night clubs, cinemas, gyms, hotels and sporting venues are closed with no timeline for reopening in the face of the growing impact of COVID-19. Leaders expect this level of business closures to be maintained and perhaps even expanded for at least six months, making it vital for companies to look for alternative options for maintaining their business operations.

Sydney Coronavirus Lock Down

Preserving Essential Operations During “Hibernation” Period

If your company was not already using cloud-based software, infrastructure and data storage solutions, now may be the time to make the switch. Staff members that are sheltering in place may not have access to the business applications and data that were at their fingertips when they were physically in the office. This can place a significant strain on IT staff as you’re attempting to support these teams and lead to the creation of workarounds that could pose a security hazard. Shifting operations to a cloud-based format for productivity software such as Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams can help boost collaboration and productivity. Your office staff are likely adjusting to their “new normal” that includes the additional confusion of children, spouses and pets. When you add in the need to work through technical challenges with remote work, your internal IT teams can quickly become overwhelmed. Government officials are recommending businesses prepare for at least a six-month “hibernation’ period, with the hope that they will be able to kick-start operations once the isolation period has ended.

Retaining Access to Critical Business Systems

There is one group that is delighted to hear about all of the various challenges that companies are facing: cybercriminals. These individuals are taking full advantage of the confusion sown by the COVID-19 government mandates, and are bombarding corporations with malware in the form of emails, web links, social media invitations and file attachments. Companies that do not have the recommended robust cybersecurity strategies in place could find that their problems are doubled: not only must they restart operations with a remote workforce, they must also overcome a ransomware attack or data infiltration. Creating an added layer of security for remote workers should be one of the first considerations as companies shift their operations online and to a work-from-home model.

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