Are you prepared?

Whether it’s terrorism, fire, earthquake, hail storm, industrial dispute, power failure, hardware upgrade gone wrong, or simple denial of access, these days the risks to your business are almost endless. For instance, how long can you afford to be without your core IT systems, your email, or your office? How many of your customers would begin buying from your competitors if you couldn’t receive, process, and fulfil their order? If the answers to any or all these questions cause you to break out in a cold sweat, then it is time to call Sydney Technology Solutions’ Disaster Recovery service.

STS have been providing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services to the Australian Market for over 7 years. Specialising in financial markets, we have extensive experience with numerous platforms, meeting APRA regulations, developing test plans, conducting tests and recording results. We also have extensive know-how in adapting your existing applications so that they become DR capable. STS have developed leading edge techniques to ensure that all systems can have a reliable disaster recovery equivalent process, procedure or tool available. We have successfully provided support for a number of customers who have had actual Disasters and we have provided literally hundreds of tests for customers to determine if they could actually recover in the event of a disaster, or continue their business at an alternate location if they have been locked out of their primary place of business.

The need for an effective Disaster Recovery capability

Sydney Technology Solutions are here to help our customers develop and maintain an effective Disaster Recovery capability. We perform extensive analysis to determine exactly how you systems work, and then develop an effective technical solution to give each application a viable Disaster Recovery capability. We work with different site providers to host your alternate site, taking into account critical factors such as the dispersal of competitors over a geographic location, power grid and telecommunications and their impact on claiming the limited DR space available today. This ensures high availability of your systems in a disaster and protects you from the risks of being second in line for the same equipment.

Why choose Sydney Technology Solutions?

Our engineering skill in unrivalled. With our extensive experience in Financial Markets, we have seen and developed solutions for literally hundreds of different systems. We have expertise in almost every space, ranging from legacy desktop applications to the latest Active Directory aware incarnations through to database systems with real time replication needs.

Disaster Recovery Services

We have automatic processes for building hundreds of desktops simultaneously to any configuration our customers like. We even have the capability to provide a “unique build” system where thousands of uniquely configured desktops can be captured and rebuilt automatically. Data replication is a key area of our expertise. With our extensive history of developing solutions for many systems, we have advanced capabilities in replicating data on demand. Replication demands are dependant on the application but ranges from real time to overnight. Working closely with our customers, we can offer the strategy which s best for you.

Services offered

We understand that there are many permutations for an effective Disaster Recovery Plan. Be it a need for a Business Continuity Management plan, a Denial of Access solution, an alternate work place or even a bi annual Disaster Recovery test, we will work with you to produce a custom solution that addresses your business needs.

We offer the following services:

  • Expert consulting services to assist with business analysis and DR planning.
  • Coordination of biannual testing to ensure APRA regulations are met. This includes tracking test results and ensuring any issues are resolved.
  • World class engineering skills to develop DR capabilities for your critical applications.
  • Identification and establishment of data replication strategies for critical systems.
  • Totally automated desktop build services.
  • Total Business Continuity Management, which includes management of all your vendors.
  • Site scouting to identify suitable Disaster Recovery site providers.
  • Remote access solutions to allow remote users to access your systems, for when they need to work off site. This option also provides for a portable remote solutions that allow groups of up to 50 users to run from dynamic locations such as hotels, conference centres and similar venues.
  • Assistance with all activities related to Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity so that your recovery timeframe objectives are met within your budgetary constraints.