The year was 1975.

The city was San Francisco, USA.

The product?

Pet Rocks

For about six months genius marketer, Gary Dahl, managed to convince people across the United States to buy rocks and treat them as pets.

Gary sold 5 million Pet Rocks before the craze was over.

Here’s the question:

How many Pet Rocks has your Sydney computer services company sold you?

Okay, so maybe you haven’t bought an actual rock, but unless I miss my guess, you could point to a piece of hardware, software, or cloud application that is just as useless as a Pet Rock. The solution is doing nothing for you, but you’ve paid for it…or you’re on a subscription plan, and you’re paying for it every single month.

So, it’s time to ask yourself.

Is my Sydney IT company providing me with the correct solutions?

How do you know if your Sydney IT company is providing you with correct solutions or just selling you the latest fad – Pet Rocks anyone?

  1. The right IT solutions will be given serious consideration and will play a role in a broader IT strategy for your organisation. They won’t be a spur of the moment decision or a “nice to have” add-on to your network.
  2. The right IT solutions will integrate with your current array of solutions.
  3. The right IT solutions will allow your staff to be more productive or efficient.
  4. The right IT solutions will enable your business to “play with the big boys” – e. compete on a level that challenges the market share of your larger competitors.
  5. The right IT solutions will have the capability to scale with your organisation’s growth and increasing demands.
  6. The right IT solutions will provide a verifiable return on investment through monitoring or reporting of their functionality.

What happens if you keep buying the “Pet Rock” solutions that Sydney IT companies WANT to sell you rather than the IT solutions that your company needs?

What business leaders need to know about IT solutions is that they are never neutral. They are either good for your business or bad for it. Any given IT solution has the power to make you money or cost you money and time as it leaches productivity out of your employees’ day.

So what happens when you follow the IT consulting of a Sydney IT company that doesn’t know your industry or your workflow?

You end up buying “Pet Rocks” that do nothing useful and serve no good purpose.

What happens then?

  • You spend money on electricity to run the hardware or spend money to upkeep a Software as a Service
  • You spend money for the technician from the Sydney IT company to come set it up.
  • You spend money for the technician to maintain and fix the solution when it doesn’t do what it was supposed to do.
  • Your staff don’t like the new hardware or software purchase.
  • Your staff avoids using the new hardware or software purchase.

In the end, you have a Pet Rock. It may be a very pretty, shiny rock, but still — a Pet Rock.

If you want a doorstop, go ahead and buy that piece of hardware or cloud application that your IT services company is so anxious to sell you.

You know, the one they seem to talk about EVERY time they stop by your business?

You’re pretty sure that it’s the solution on which they make the biggest commission.

Why else would they be pushing it so much?

It’s either the commission or they’re trying to make their lives easier by getting you to spend money on a solution they know better or can service more simply.

How to avoid buying IT solutions you don’t need from Sydney IT services companies that don’t seem to know the difference.

  1. Look around at your IT support options in Sydney. There’s no harm in checking out a few companies.
  2. Before you start calling Sydney IT services companies, call around and see who people in your industry are already using. Industry experience is a huge asset to you.
  3. Don’t jump at suggestions, insist on a comprehensive IT strategy.
  4. Work with your IT company to determine an IT budget and stick to it.
  5. Aim for IT solutions that are secure, stable, and revenue positive. If it’s not going to make you money in the long term, why have it?

What to do with your Pet Technology Rocks

Assuming that you aren’t collecting servers, computers, printers, tablets, smartphones, and cloud assets because you think they are “pretty,” it’s time to start thinning out the herd.

Let’s make it clear.

The IT support company that sold you the wrong IT solutions is not the same team you should trust to get your company’s business technology back on track.

You should be looking for a Sydney IT support team like Sydney Technology Solutions that has a long-established track record for optimising the IT systems of businesses for high-impact efficiency.

The right IT support team will build a computing environment for you and your staff that takes into consideration your current workflow as well as your plans for growth and expansion. Each IT solution implemented by IT professionals, such as those at Sydney Technology Solutions, will work with the next to create a secure, efficient work platform to support your pro-growth goals.

STS will provide you with the correct solutions your company needs.

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